Lexters prides itself on being a premier law firm, adept at guiding clients through investments opportunities and crafting bespoke liquidity solutions. What differentiates us is our highly coordinated, interdisciplinary approach.
At the heart of our unique offerings is a dynamic team, drawn from various top-ranked disciplines within our firm:
  • Private equity
  • Finance
  • Venture capital
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Capital markets
  • Investment funds
  • Family office
  • Real estate, and more.
With our versatile team leading the charge, we bring vast experience to the table, spanning all dimensions of special situation transactions. This involves:
  • Bespoke credit and equity investments
  • Complex financings during distressed scenarios
  • Corporate governance structuring and litigation
  • Acquisition and monetization of alternative assets.
Moreover, we're adept at pinpointing investment avenues that spring from a myriad of disputes and distressed situations, such as:
  • Investments in claims, awards, and judgments from bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Litigation and arbitration outcomes..
  • Proficiently examining capital structures and spotting profitable investment prospects while adeptly handling liabilities.
Our clients, ranging from investors assessing opportunistic transactions to companies confronted with crises, trust us for innovative solutions to the multifaceted challenges they encounter during the investment journey. Our trademark blend of creativity and teamwork equips us to shine in a domain where no two situations mirror each other. Our prowess covers both transactional and litigation expertise, assuring our clients access to a holistic suite of solutions tailored to their unique needs.