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At Lexters we are committed to achieving remarkable outcomes for our clients, leveraging our deep knowledge and extensive expertise across various  industries and practices. We serve as a strategic, integrated partner for our clients. This is our approach to addressing their legal challenges, pivotal business transactions, and crucial disputes. We firmly believe that our success is intertwined with the success of our clients.

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We put together a remarkable team of lawyers who possess the necessary talent, experience and creativity to effectively address the legal challenges our clients face


We are committed to providing expert legal counsel and also to craft comprehensive solutions that align with our clients' broader business goals


We don't merely advise; we actively create pathways, ensuring our clients' endeavors are met with the optimal conditions for success


We consistently provide unwavering support to our mission and our clients. We remain strong, reliable, and committed in every endeavor.


We blend our legal expertise with strategic foresight, ensuring our clients are not just shielded from obstacles but also positioned advantageously in every situation.

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What is a trademark?

A trademark is a distinctive sign, symbol, word, phrase, design, or combination thereof used to identify and distinguish goods or services from those of competitors. It serves as a unique identifier of the source and quality of the products or services.

Why Register a Trademark?

Registering a trademark provides legal protection and exclusive rights to use the mark in connection with specific goods or services. It helps prevent others from using a similar mark that might cause confusion among consumers and establishes your brand's identity.

What Can Be Trademarked?

Trademarks can include words, logos, slogans, sounds, colors, shapes, and even scents, as long as they are distinctive and capable of distinguishing your goods or services from others.

How Long Does Trademark Registration Take?

The time for trademark registration varies by jurisdiction and complexity. On average, the process can take several months to over a year, accounting for application review, potential objections, and any necessary follow-up.

English, French, Italian, Spanish

Simina Negulescu

Simina is an experienced lawyer recognized for her expertise in corporate law, venture capital and cross border deals, regulatory compliance, and complex litigation having a focus on the technology sector. With over a decade of experience as lawyer, she has established herself as a trusted advisor to both startups and established corporations, particularly in the fast-paced IT industry, which has been her main area of practice for the past nine years. Her advice is highly sought on commercial and corporate affairs, where she excels in providing comprehensive legal strategy tailored to her client's unique needs. Simina guided tech companies through crucial milestones, from incorporation to complex cross-border business expansions and group consolidations. She has worked on corporate structuring that ensure compliance and foster growth and innovation. Additionally, Simina has acted for her clients in complex litigations. Her clients appreciate her can-do attitude, meticulous preparation and astute strategic plans for commercial disputes. Fluent in both Romanian and English, Simina is well-prepared to serve clients in Romania and internationally highly complex matters in the tech space.
Her areas of practice cover:
English, French, Italian, Spanish

Daniil Turturoiu

Daniil is a Paralegal with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Paris Nanterre and a Master's degree in International and European Business Law from Pantheon-Sorbonne University. Known for his quick adaptability and penchant for creative problem-solving, Daniil brings a wealth of international experience to the table, allowing him to approach legal matters from multiple perspectives. With a keen interest in the intersection of business and technology, he views it as a recipe for success. Fluent in Romanian, English, and French, with a good understanding of Italian, Daniil navigates legal complexities with ease across linguistic boundaries.
His areas of practice cover:
English, French, Italian, Spanish

Ștefan Gheorghe

Stefan is a dedicated and passionate young lawyer with a keen commitment to legal excellence. Actively involved in corporate law and litigation, Stefan demonstrates a remarkable balance of enthusiasm and diligence in his work. Despite his relative youth, Stefan brings a fresh perspective to the table and demonstrates a deep understanding of legal complexities. His consistent dedication to provide top solutions for his clients is matched only by his proactive approach to problem solving and his willingness to exceed expectations.
His areas of practice cover:
English, Romanian

Iulian Călinescu

Iulian is a young, passionate legal professional whose expertise centers around dispute resolution, business litigation, commercial law, administrative law, and European law. Iulian embodies a calm resolve in the face of adversity, navigating legal challenges with poise and precision. Their passion for litigation is tempered by a sober understanding of its complexities, as they strive to uphold justice with dignity and humility. Iulian believes that patience, hard work, and a deep understanding of legal principles are essential in achieving favorable outcomes for their clients. Whether representing individuals or businesses, Iulian approaches every legal matter with a sense of purpose and professionalism.
His areas of practice cover: