At Lexters, our commitment goes beyond borders. We empower our clients to thrive internationally, paving the way for them to establish and fortify their global footprint. We recognize that the complexities of cross-border transactions and disputes are not just limited to understanding diverse legal systems, but also involve navigating cultural nuances, business etiquettes, and local market dynamics. Our cross-border law practice isn't merely about managing legal processes across countries; it's about bridging cultures, anticipating regional intricacies, and crafting solutions that resonate on a global scale.
Benefiting from a robust international network of legal professionals, our team is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive legal solutions. These professionals, adept at navigating both the legal and business terrains of multiple jurisdictions, ensure our clients gain a competitive edge when venturing into or expanding within foreign markets.
Our strength in cross-border law extends from the strategic alliances we've formed with legal experts across the globe. Through these partnerships, we're equipped to address region-specific challenges, ensuring that our clients' international endeavors are rooted in local insights, yet framed within a global perspective. These collaborations amplify our ability to tailor advice that is responsive to the unique regulatory, cultural, and economic landscapes of each jurisdiction our clients operate in.
We specialize in harmonizing company groups that span diverse geographies. By ensuring compliance with local laws and weaving together a seamless operational tapestry, we transform intricate cross-border structures into efficient, unified entities.
Our vast experience has been instrumental for clients eyeing opportunities abroad, especially in sought-after markets like the United States. Whether you're taking your first step or further expanding your global journey, our cross-border law practice stands ready to guide, support, and ensure your international aspirations come to fruition.
Lexters assisted Chilliz, the top marketplace and web3 solution for sports fans expansion on the Romanian market, by providing in-depth regulatory and compliance advice (including on AML/KYC, non-banking financial rules, payments, media and advertising) advice on digital assets (including digital assets and NFTs). The jurisdictions involved: Malta, Switzerland
Lexters advised Sessions on a highly complex deal that required our team`s dual specialisation in US and Romanian jurisdictions, involving various stakeholders on both sides. Sessions has raised a USD 4,500,000 seed round led by Berlin`s Earlybird Venture Capital, London`s Stride VC., and Sofia`s LAUNCHub Ventures. Lexters helped Sessions on various regulatory matters, starting from corporate to regulatory matters related to payments and data protection policies for its cross-border activities.
Our team represented Allyis Technologies in an USD 125,000,000 transaction, as Tech Mahindra, the Indian lead provider of telecom solutions, outsourcing (call center), and IT services, acquired Green Investments (which fully owned Allyis Inc and its subsidiaries in Romania, India, US and Costa Rica). Allyis entered the Romanian market and the team members provided strategic guidance from incorporation up to the acquisition by Tech Mahindra. The transaction solidified Tech Mahindra's position as one of the largest global providers of transformative IT services and solutions for businesses. United States Jurisdiction was involved