In this document, we inform you about how LEXTERS (or as applicable, we) process your personal data, in our capacity as a personal data controller. Please read this document in its entirety and ensure that you understand it. In case you have any questions or concerns regarding the content of this document, please contact us using the contact details provided in section 9 below.

  1. Contract Conclusion. In most cases, we process your personal data in order to provide you with the requested services. The following types of data may be processed: email, first name, last name, and phone number. The legal basis for processing the above data is the conclusion and execution of the contract between us and you.
  2. Processing of Data After Contract Termination. It is possible that we may process your data for the purpose of asserting, exercising, or defending our rights or the rights and interests of other individuals before courts of law, judicial officers, notaries public, other public authorities, arbitration tribunals, mediators, or other public or private bodies resolving disputes, as well as our lawyers, consultants, or other natural or legal persons, whether public or private, involved in those disputes or negotiations. In this situation, we will process your personal data, as applicable, based on the fulfillment of legal obligations that concern us or our legitimate interests in defending our rights and interests. In this case, the data we process regarding you may include: your first and last name, residential address, mailing address, and other data included in invoices issued to you.
  3. Conducting Corporate Operations. In the context of restructuring operations and other similar activities, we may process your data by disclosing it to certain consultants, public authorities, or other individuals. The basis for processing is either our legitimate interest in efficiently participating in such corporate operations or the fulfillment of legal obligations.
  4. Resolving Your Requests or Inquiries. If you send us any requests or inquiries, we will process your data to address them. In these cases, the processed data may include your first name, last name, email address, and the content of your request. The legal basis for processing in this case is your consent.
  5. Cookies. The website www.lexters.com uses cookies to ensure a personalized user experience by saving certain preferences that you express when accessing the website. Each time you visit the page, the website will send cookies to your computer and access these cookie modules.
  6. On the website www.Lexters.com, cookies are used in various locations to provide more personalized, efficient, and secure services. Cookies are suitable for generating statistics that help us better understand how people use Lexters’ pages, allowing us to improve the structure and content of these pages. In accordance with Lexters’ security policy, cookies are protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

For details regarding Lexters’ cookie policy, please review the cookie policy provided on the website. The legal basis for processing personal data collected through cookies is your consent.

  1. Sending Offers on Our Initiative, Following Your Consent. In the event that you have agreed to receive communications (SMS, emails, etc.) regarding our services, we will process certain data to be able to send you such information. The data we will process includes your first and last name, phone number, and email address.
  2. The legal basis for processing, in this case, is your consent.
  3. data source

 We receive most of the personal data we process directly from you. These categories of data include the following: first name and last name, phone number, email address, residential address, and mailing address.


We may disclose your data to various entities within Romania and outside the country (external consultants, lawyers, etc.) who provide the necessary services for the fulfillment of the contract between Lexters and you.

  1. data storage

We will retain your data in accordance with our personal data storage policy, and the storage period varies depending on the purpose for which we use them and the category of data. Our policy is based on legal provisions, including data protection legislation. There are also situations where legislation in other areas (such as accounting or archival regulations) requires us to retain your data for a specific period of time. Where there is no established storage period in law, we will consider applicable prescription periods along with recommended data protection practices.


At this time, we do not transfer and do not intend to transfer your personal data to entities in third countries or international organizations. If such a transfer becomes necessary, we will inform you in advance and, if applicable, request your consent.

  • Right to Access Data: You have the right to access your data that we process or control, as well as to obtain information from us regarding the nature, processing, and disclosure of this data.
  • Right to Rectify Data: You have the right to request the correction of your data that we process or control if it is inaccurate.
  • Right to Erasure of Data: You have the right to request the deletion of your data that we process or control.
  • Right to Restrict Data Processing: You have the right to restrict the processing of your data that we process or control.
  • Right to Object: You have the right to object to the processing of your data by us or on our behalf.
  • Right to Data Portability: You have the right to receive your data, which we process or control, and transfer it to another data controller.
  • Right to Withdraw Consent: In cases where we process your data with your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent without affecting the legality of the processing before withdrawal.
  • Right to Lodge a Complaint with the Supervisory Authority: You have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority for the processing of personal data (National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing – ANSPDCP) regarding the processing of your data by us or on our behalf.
  1. To exercise your rights and, in cases where we process your data with your consent, to withdraw your consent, please contact us using the contact details provided below. Additionally, if you require further information or clarifications, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
  3. You are not obligated to provide us with the data referenced in this document. You have the freedom to decide which data you choose to transmit to us. However, if you do not provide us with the data requested in points 2 (i) – (iii) above, then it will not be possible for us to offer you our services mentioned above, as they are essential for the conclusion of the contract between Lexters and you.

Our contact information. Address: Helesteului Street, No. 17, 1st Sector, Bucharest; email address: contact@lexters.com; website: www.lexters.ro.