Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or an ambitious start-up founder, the Lexters team is equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge to guide you through the fast-paced tech business environment. Tech and Deep Tech Practice at Lexters is best known for its unparalleled expertise in the technology sector, specifically in Venture Capital (VC) deals and blockchain/cryptocurrency related projects. Our practice has demonstrated substantial growth within the technology industry, both locally in Romania and internationally (US, UK, Western Europe). This growth is reflected in the our strategic expansion of our technology portfolio, encompassing various sectors such as s, marketplaces, Software as a Service (SaaS) products and solutions, blockchain technology infrastructure and web3 (NFTs, metaverse), IT outsourcing, cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT).
Our department has carved out a niche in this field by applying its founders' US legal practice to the Central and Eastern European (CEE) market. The team's unique perspective and dual qualifications allow us to assist CEE startups in expanding globally, particularly to the EU and the US. This specialized focus includes advising on equity investments, seed funding, convertible notes, SAFEs and other financing structures, including venture debt.
With a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency regulations, our department assists clients from inception to mature growth in this dynamic sector. The team provides legal guidance on token offerings, regulatory compliance, corporate structuring, and more. Our advisory services have covered a wide range of blockchain-related projects, including global exchanges, token issuances, crypto trading services, and carbon emissions marketplaces.
Our meticulous approach ensures that all potential risks and rewards are identified and understood, providing a foundation for informed decision-making.
At Lexters, we are dedicated to not only providing comprehensive legal support but also empowering your technological innovations. We understand the unique challenges faced by tech businesses, especially start-ups, and are committed to providing tailored legal solutions that ensure your business operates smoothly, remains compliant and positioned for success in the international market
Lexters' international networks and dual qualifications of its partners uniquely position the firm to assist CEE startups in expanding to global markets, particularly the EU and the US. This international perspective is a significant selling point for startups and scale-ups seeking to navigate cross-border legal challenges and opportunities.
The department's deep understanding of blockchain technology and web3 innovations, such as NFTs and decentralized exchanges (DEXes), positions them as leaders in advising clients on complex legal and regulatory matters in this rapidly evolving space.This area of the law has been for much time in the grey area, hence Lexters helped clients to adapt the new world of crypto to the traditional legal system, and the fast-paced regulatory framework being now undergoing a revolution, especially at EU level.
Our department offers innovative transaction structures, such as Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFE), stock options plans, and flip structures, providing tech companies with tailor-made solutions for their unique needs and marking a pioneering shift in the Romanian market.We have been working on specific structurings for the Web3 space, including Simple Agreements for Future Tokens, advised on EU Markets in Crypto Assets Regulation – specifically on crypto assets service providers and token issuances (ICOs).
Lexters are mentors to tech companies enrolled in programs such as the Founder Institute CEE, BucharestAI incubator, Rubik Accelerator Romania, DreamUp Labs Moldova.
Our team has advised Yarooms, a global leading SaaS company in the hybrid workplace experience solutions on its EUR 2 million seed round led by GapMinder VC and Seedblink crowfunding platform. Lexters provided overall strategic advice on crowdfunding and how this raise of capital could fit in company’s long-term goals.
Our team represented Allyis Technologies in an USD 125,000,000 transaction, as Tech Mahindra, the Indian lead provider of telecom solutions, outsourcing (call center), and IT services, acquired Green Investments (which fully owned Allyis Inc and its subsidiaries in Romania, India, US and Costa Rica). Allyis entered the Romanian market and the team members provided strategic guidance from incorporation up to the acquisition by Tech Mahindra. The transaction solidified Tech Mahindra's position as one of the largest global providers of transformative IT services and solutions for businesses.
Lexters advised Sessions on a highly complex deal that required our team`s dual specialisation in US and Romanian jurisdictions, involving various stakeholders on both sides. Sessions has raised a USD 4,500,000 seed round led by Berlin`s Earlybird Venture Capital, London`s Stride VC., and Sofia`s LAUNCHub Ventures. Lexters helped Sessions on various regulatory matters, starting from corporate to regulatory matters related to payments and data protection policies for its cross-border activities
Lexters advised One Capital (JP), a Tokyo-based venture capital firm, on an equity investment of more than USD 2,500,000 in the innovative Romanian start-up TeleportHQ, a global B2B SaaS platform building the next gen website creators solution via a collaborative platform for front-end development.
Empowered Charger.ro`s growth on their EUR 245,000 pre-seed investment from Bravva Angels. Moreover. In this context, our department prepared the entire due diligence process. Lexters orchestrated the regulatory implementation of the marketplace payment mechanics system and advised on adding new payments features to the marketplace, through credit lending from trusted third-party B2C fintech lending providers