With decades of experience, Lexters is a premier choice for private investment funds and investment management.

With a proven track record, our firm has consistently offered guidance to private investment entities, from the foundational stages of private investment funds to the intricacies of venture capital firms. We've played pivotal roles in assisting investors in charting their investments across multifaceted strategies. Furthermore, our legal advisory services have been crucial to independent directors of leading mutual funds and closed-end funds..

The dedicated team of attorneys at Lexters brings a rich tapestry of experience and diverse practice. Over the years, we've collaborated with sponsors and investors, being instrumental in private investments that have amassed more than $2bn in committed capital over a span of two decades. Our Private Investment Funds and Investment Management Group stands as a testament to our in-depth understanding of the private fund market across significant jurisdictions. Combined with our global regulatory network and vast international experience, we provide all-encompassing legal counsel that addresses the entire lifecycle of these intricate products and vehicles. This ranges from the nuances of sponsor organization and fund formation to the complexities of downstream transactions, exits, firm and fund restructurings, and more.
  • Unparalleled knowledge of the private fund market in significant jurisdictions.
  • A global regulatory network backed by vast international experience.
  • Comprehensive legal counsel across the complete lifecycle of intricate products and vehicles, including:
  • Sponsor organization
  • Fund formation
  • Downstream transactions
  • Exits and firm restructuring
  • Buy-side work, secondaries, and wind downs.
  • Staying Ahead in a Dynamic Market
  • Proactive adaptation to market changes, ensuring our clients maintain a substantial competitive edge
  • A blend of financial and legal acumen that has earned Lexters the trust of numerous industry participants
Our dedication to client service, pioneering solutions, global outreach, and swift responsiveness define our ethos and set us apart in the industry.